12 November 2011

happy weekend!

For most of us, it's the middle of a long weekend and I hope you are using it to its' full potential! It's a terribly rainy and blustery day outside so it's perfect for snuggling up, reading a book and cooking big batches of comfort food. I just put this stew in the oven, and a couple of loaves of this bread are rising on the stove because we have dear friends coming over for dinner in a couple of hours. 

Here's a few recipes I'm dying to try soon:

Emily Dickinson's own coconut cake!

Kale and Sweet Potato Soup from Joy the Baker.

A delicious-sounding curried chickpea lunch salad.

Mmmmmm carnitas

Just because I LOVE ginger... how about you?

And a few things you need to see that are totally unrelated to food. Just because. Just trust me.

A NY Times blogger ran and sketched the NY Marathon. Hilarious! 

Please tell me you've seen this video?!

How much do you want to live in this cabin in california? I do. A lot.

have a lovely weekend! xo

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