06 December 2011

dream kitchens

Straying from our regularly scheduled programming for this very important message...

One word from my dear friend Ashley about Jammers, a Portland bakery classic, and I couldn't get this kitchen spotlight from thekitchn.com out of my head. Since falling in love with cooking and baking, and also since becoming more involved in the food blogging community I have an ever-growing dream of what my one-day kitchen will look like if I have any say in the matter. This Portland kitchen belonging to Piper Davis of Grand Central Bakery has many drool-worthy aspects to it: big farm-style sink, rustic and warm wood walls and ceiling, open shelving, amazing gas range, desk area at one end, and a huge marble counter just for baking. I'm in kitchen heaven.

 {photo courtesy of thekitchn}

My ideal kitchen will also have a large island, a chalkboard painted wall, and a big window with a built-in window seat on one side of the breakfast table. Oh, and one more very important thing... a DISHWASHER. I'm always adding photos to my files... knowing that when we're finally homeowners I will have to be very creative in making the space my own while staying within a budget. It will probably be a long time before I have my farm house sink and open shelving. For now I'm thankful for counter space, a lovely gas range, and my morning sun and cheery yellow walls, of course.

How about you? What's in your dream kitchen? What's in your kitchen NOW that makes it dreamy?

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