28 March 2012

individual microwave mug brownies

I've had chocolate craving attacks basically non-stop this week. Could be something to do with going back to work after a week off. Maybe. Could be repercussions of depriving myself of the stuff for the past two months. Maybe. Could be the 10 or so times I have flipped through my signed copy of the incredible Joy the Baker Cookbook that I had the pleasure of procuring from the delightful author herself last weekend. I really couldn't tell you. Pretty sure I don't have a bun in the oven, just in case you were wondering.

I can tell you that this is curing all ills. A mere five minutes after deciding I would get chocolate at all costs, I was digging into warm, gooey, deeply dark chocolatey goodness. This recipe may or may not become the devil sitting on my shoulder at all times, for now I know I am always a few stirs and pushes of a button away from all that is delicious in this world.

Mug brownies are everywhere right now but this version is gluten, dairy and egg free to suit my needs and refrigerator contents. You could easily use all-purpose flour, and the original called for brown sugar. Just say yes. Yes to the brownie.

10 March 2012

gluten free coconut oat coffee cake

A box arrived at my parents' house this week in my name. Not just any box: a big, beautiful, box. A white box. With an apple on it. The best kind.

My brand new 13 inch Macbook Pro will be in my hands this Friday! I'm so excited.  I adore my little Macbook I bought in college but with the memory totally full, the RAM already increased once, and a waning life expectancy, we decided to act preemptively and save up for a replacement. I'm giddy. I know it's just a thing, and it will burn one day, but with the way computers are something we interact with daily nowadays, I'm psyched for a pretty, fast piece of machinery. I'm a lucky girl.

The timing is perfect, because I am knee deep in a new project that I'm really excited about but means I spend more and more time chained to my laptop after hours. I'm starting a summer musical theater camp! Woot woot! I may not have any registrations yet but I am excited and hopeful for what it could be. Feel free to pop in at my new website.

So, on this rainy first day of spring break, I was in the mood to bake and decided to revamp this recipe a bit to fit my current eating patterns (no wheat, dairy or refined sugar, among others). I am reintroducing eggs this week so I was anxious to get back to using them in a recipe again. What was meant to be like a blondie turned out more like a crumby, dense and deliciously oat-ey coffee cake. I could see it being a hit at the brunch table, or as part of an afternoon tea. Or, if you're like me, making a batch and eating the corners off, bit by bit, until you realize you're too full for dinner. Whoops...

24 February 2012

vegan gluten-free jam dots

Elimination diet update:

Wheat, 1.
Katie, 0. 

The day after re-introducing wheat (yes, I know now in retrospect that I'm doing this out of order. Whoops) my eczema on my hand broke out worse than ever. Coincidence? I think not. Wheat is now back OUT of my life until further notice...

To console myself, I've decided to bake. A lot. Having tasty Katie-friendly munchies around the house makes me feel less sorry for myself. 

Coconut Bliss was on sale at Whole Foods this week... win. 

Made crunchy kale chips last night. Total win.

Gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free jam dots to ease the pain? Yes please.

I found this recipe quite quickly and made it my own (read: made it with what I have in the house and hoped it turned out alright. It did). What I really long for is a Grand Central Jam Dot scone... but without butter on the menu, those will have to wait. 

Did I mention it snowed today! That's right. All I see now is slush and wet... but all morning, at school, the snow was coming down hard. This also means the children were downright bonkers but I have forgiven them. They're kids... snow is exciting. I'm a grown-up... snow is exciting. When I've come prepared with my boots and warm coat, and know that a warm kitchen and some comfort food await me at home. 

If you can't have wheat, eggs, sugar, or dairy... try these cookies. If you can... try these cookies anyway. They may change your opinion of alternative-style baking. They're nutty and lightly sweet with the decadence of the gooey jam in the middle. Oooh, la la. 

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